Renewable Energy Trading as a Service

Revolutionize the Way You Sell Renewable Energy

Innovative, reliable, and profitable AI-powered trading with consistent returns. 50% above the market benchmark.

Managing renewable parks involves many challenges, which you need to overcome to stay ahead of the curve

Low return on investment using PPA

Does your Power Purchase Agreement with embedded risk premium limit your renewable park's full financial potential?

Frequent market and regulation changes

Are you willing to risk potential penalties for non-compliance in today's complex and fluctuating regulatory landscape?

Difficult to create in-house trading team

Have you considered the benefits of incorporating AI and machine learning advancements in trading renewable energy?

Partnering with SAMAWATT will result in sustainably higher returns for your renewable assets

Gain access to top-notch trading and strategy resources

  • You allocate a portion of your volume to direct marketers through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and the the remaining volume is traded internally using SAMA-AssetTM

  • SAMA-AssetTM is a fully automated, end-to-end, plug-and-play, and integrated renewable energy trading Software as a Service (SaaS) that requires no internal trading team. It allows you to access the wholesale power market in a profitable way, while ensuring higher grid stability.

  • SAMA-AssetTM is built on a highly advanced algorithmic trading platform that empowers you to monetize market opportunities quickly and efficiently, generating a significant added-value compared to your traditional PPA.

Realize full revenue potential of your renewable energy park

  • Our track record showcases an up to 50% net profit increase when compared to an equivalent PPA.
  • SAMAWATT dashboards offer a transparent view of the financial value for every MWh produced by comparing hourly net profits with an equivalent PPA contract.
  • SAMAWATT's monitoring system simultaneously tracks fluctuations in renewable park production and the intricate dynamics of the wholesale market, including supply, demand, and prices. This comprehensive approach is able to effectively extract higher financial value from renewable assets.

Mitigation of market and regulation risks

  • We are constantly monitoring changes in the market regulation, such as the Mari & Picasso rulings, and integrating them into our models to ensure that our clients are well-prepared and can make informed decisions.
  • Phase-out of nuclear power, reduction in renewable energy subsidies, restructuring of the capacity market, integration of the European electricity market through cross-border trading and the development of common market rules are just a few examples of the many market regulation changes that occur frequently.

A team of AI & trading innovators

With a century of combined experience in data science and power trading, you can trust us to deliver. Our team includes 10 elite traders and data scientists, with 8 holding PhDs, all dedicated to delivering Swiss quality service that has made a significant impact on our clients' success.

Our team's dynamic growth knows no bounds as we push forward with a bold expansion plan across Europe and the United States.

A track record of 50% higher net profit

Our cutting-edge AI models and trading strategies have delivered up to 50% higher net profit for a diverse range of traders: from top-tier energy trading companies in Germany to smaller firms in France, the UK and other European countries.

We customize our strategies to suit your risk appetite, based on metrics such as Sharpe ratio and Maximum draw-downs.

Customers and partners trust us

Our strategies have gained the trust of 17 companies who rely on us 24/7. Our advanced AI/ML technology is backed by top institutions like Innosuisse, University of Geneva, EPFL and Microsoft Azure Founders Hub.

Partnering with innovators, we push beyond frontiers to better serve you. SAMAWATT is the winner of the EDP Open Innovation 2018 and the Global Energy Tech Award 2022.