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SAMAWATT's machine learning algorithm
has a proven record of significantly
reducing grid imbalance penalties

Extracting higher financial value from renewable assets

We significantly reduce electric grid imbalance penalties for renewable assets operators

SAMAWATT's typical clients include wind and solar park operators who face the challenge of intermittent energy production due to uncertain weather conditions. SAMAWATT employs state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and synthesized market intelligence to extract higher financial value from renewable energy assets, while reducing the notoriously high grid imbalance penalties.

What do we do?

using powerful algorithms..

Renewable Power Forecast

We provide accurate wind and solar power production forecast on hourly granularity for 72-hour horizon. We achieved a daily MAPE below 2% mark for a sustained period of time, thanks to our machine learning algorithms

Power Dispatch Optimization

If the renewable power is marketed in the day-ahead or intra-day markets, then we model both production and price uncertainties and combine them to suggest optimal dispatch decisions.

Insightful & Accurate Analysis

Through our SaaS trading platform, renewable park managers can carry out pre- and post-dispatch analysis to control the grid imbalance costs. Our reporting module provides real-time P&L breakdown by market


based on a successful growth journey

Since February 2018, we have demonstrated a steady market penetration founded on a unique product that adds value to wind and solar power producers

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Wind & solar capacity under management
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